Reliable, cost effective equipment for standard and special flow applications characterizes our products. We are dedicated to providing long term solutions that offer the customer maximum uptime. We manufacture our products using proven designs that rely on ASME, ANSI, ISA, and other industry standards.

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ITM050, ITM100, ITM200 Insertion Turbine Flow Meters

MicroFLOW, MacroFLOW Nozzle Flow Meters

Series/LFE Laminar Flow Meters & Switches for low flow & viscous services

QueTran Disk Flow Meters, great for OEM applications

Qsmart II, Qsmart/PLC, Qamp Readouts & Signal Conditioners

Primary Elements ASME Flow Nozzle, Critical Flow Nozzles, Venturi, Orifice Plate, & more

Flow Switches Differential pressure and non-invasive types

ITS Insertion Temperature Sensor

Flow Plates & Meter Mounts Flow conditioning plates & ITM Insertion Meter Mounts


  The ITM series of Insertion Turbine Flow Meters includes the ITM050 fixed insertion, ITM100 "Hot Tap" retractable insertion, and heavy duty ITM200 "Hot Tap" retractable insertion turbine flow meters. ITM meters cover most larger line size applications for Natural Gas, Steam, and Water including BTU (energy) measurement, as well as other industrial liquids & gases.


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MicroFLOW and MacroFLOW Nozzle Flow meters are differential pressure devices using an ASME style Flow Nozzle. Available in line sizes from 1/4" to 8" and larger, they are suitable for most clean gases and liquids including Steam. Special units for Oxygen service are also offered. The unique Integral Flow Plate allows use with little straight run required.


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  Series/LFE Flow Meters work on the differential pressure drop principal as discussed by Poiseuille. This Laminar Flow Element meter provides a near 1:1 relationship between pressure drop and flow rate. Turndown ratios of greater than 50:1 are available. The meter is designed for low flows on low to moderate viscosity liquids and gases. A Flow Switch version is also offered.


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  The QueTran Disk Flow Meter is a tangential paddle wheel style meter designed for basic liquid applications. The meter is available with many options and is very cost effective making it great for OEM applications. A variety of signal conditioner / readout options are offered.


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    Qsmart II, Qsmart/PLC, Qamp signal conditioners allow accurate meter readout functions. The Qsmart II is a microprocessor based Flow Processor with such features as density correction. The Qsmart/PLC is a PLC based Flow Processor with many features including optional MODBUS &/or Ethernet interface. The Qamp signal conditioner provides direct frequency output (pulse).

COMING SOON; Smart-T microprocessor based Temperature Signal Conditioner for RTD, T-C, or Thermistor applications.

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  InFLOW, INC. offers a wide variety of sizes and styles of primary elements. We offer ASME Flow Nozzles (sub-critical), CFV (Critical Flow Venturis or Sonic Nozzles), as well as orifice plates and other DP devices. Sizes ranges from <10 cc/min to 18" or greater line size with custom and standard mounting styles.


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  InFLOW, INC. offers two unique flow switches. The IFS model is an inline differential pressure type switch. The inline design provides for compact installations in line sizes 1" and smaller. The non-invasive AFS model works on acoustics and is simply attached to the outside of the system pipe (1/2" and larger).

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  The ITS Insertion Temperature Sensor is a unique product which offers "Hot Tap" installation, RTD, T-C, or Thermistor sensors, and a variety of electrical outputs. The aluminum retractor mechanism allows up to 10" of total insertion travel (4" with block valve) through a 3/4" or 1" system connection.


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For applications where straight run is limited or the existing flow is non-ideal; we offer Flow Conditioning Plates based on traditionally accepted designs. Units are available complete with ITM meter mount or separate with standard or custom mounting styles.



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