Nozzle Flow Meters:

Designed for industrial liquids, gases, and steam; MicroFLOW and MacroFLOW meters work on the differential pressure drop principal as discussed by Bernoulli. A contoured nozzle following ASME, ANSI, ISA, and other standards is used to create a flow rate that is proportional to the square root of the pressure drop. By following these standards a highly accurate, field certifiable flow meter is offered. Combining the nozzle with onboard pressure and/or temperature sensors, a complete no moving parts metering system is realized.  In addition, both meters require minimal straight run allowing operation in tight quarters. The meters are available complete with instrumentation and readouts, or as assemblies based on the customer's specific requirements.






   MicroFLOW Nozzle Flow Meter
  • No straight run required

  • Lines sizes: 1/8" to 1"

  • NPT, tube fitting, or custom connections

  • SS/Brass, all SS, or PVDF/TFE wetted parts

  • Field changeable nozzle

  • Available with complete instrumentation

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  MacroFLOW Nozzle Flow Meter
  • Minimal straight run required

  • Lines sizes: 1-1/2" and larger

  • NPT, BW, ANSI RF, or custom connections

  • CS/SS, all SS, or other wetted parts

  • Field changeable nozzle optional

  • Available with complete instrumentation

 Click HERE for PDF Data Sheet on MacroFLOW Meter               Top of Page

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