Flow Switches:

InFLOW, INC. offers three varieties of Flow Switches. The AFS is a non-invasive switch using acoustics to determine Flow-No Flow conditions on liquids. The IFS is a traditional differential pressure switch designed for inline service on liquids. Our Series/LFE meter is also available as a custom switch for liquids or gases.





AFS Acoustic Flow Switch

  Ideal for OEM applications, the AFS model is simply attached to the outside of the system pipe to monitor the acoustic energy. As flow increases or decreases past an adjustable set point, the switch sets the state of a TTL compatible output. An LED reflects the switch state.


Click HERE for PDF Data Sheet on Acoustic Flow Switch





IFS Inline Flow Switch

  The IFS model is an inline differential pressure type switch. A spring loaded plunger magnetically triggers an external reed switch at set point flow. The inline design provides for compact installation in line sizes 1" and smaller.


Click HERE for PDF Data Sheet on IFS Flow Switch






Series/LFE Flow Switch


The Series/LFE Flow Meter when fitted with a differential pressure switch becomes a highly accurate flow switch. Due to its Laminar Flow Element design, precise set points are available. In addition, the Series/LFE can handle high pressures and/or temperatures.



Click HERE for PDF Data Sheet on IFS Flow Switch

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