Systems & Services:

Reliable, time proven solutions for custom systems is the InFLOW, INC. approach. We provide systems for batching, blending, calibrating / proving, and other special service applications. Our systems maximize the use of "off the shelf" components and open architecture software to enhance reliability, uptime, and maintainability. Systems are manufactured to ASME, ANSI, NEC, and other specifications as required. We offer systems integration and data acquisition from simple sensor level to PC based using LabVIEWtm software.

Blending System - Aircraft Deicing

InFLOW, INC. has installed multiple systems for blending water and propylene glycol deicing fluid. These systems prepare and dispense the mix to heated trucks for application on commercial aircraft. The system shown has four mix lines each with a flow rate of 150 GPM (568 L/min). In addition there are four Type II glycol lines each with a 80 GPM (303 L/min) capacity. The systems include a unique mechanical flow control valve, PID control, tank level management, and electronics with rate, total, and serial interface. The complete system was built to ASME code and flow calibrated to NIST traceable standards.

Tank Management and Dispensing

This system provides automatic tank filling & cycling, as well as dispensing capabilities for a production line of large farm tractors. The system manages the product levels for seven tanks. Additionally, system pressurizing pumps are controlled, along with multiple flow batching stations. The system handles diesel fuel, propylene glycol anti-freeze fluid, and gearbox oil. The system includes four multi-product dispensing and two batching stations.

Custom ASME Venturi Flow System

InFLOW, INC. provided this custom ASME Venturi specifically designed for the customer's application and physical location. The meter includes dual SMART differential pressure transmitters with integral flow straightener, and special electronics to provide a 30:1 flow rate turn down. The meter is pressure and temperature compensated for MASS flow. The meter is used for inter-plant custody transfer of Natural Gas.

PLC Mixing System

This system was custom designed using a PLC & HMI to offer discrete recipe selection and adjustable custom mixing for a waste treatment facility. The PLC monitors several key inputs and adjusts outputs in a ratiometric fashion to control the resultant mixture. Individual switches allow the operator to select from three standard recipes or add a custom fourth for changing conditions.

Air Flow Calibration System

This NIST traceable Flow Calibration System is LabVIEWtm based and uses critical flow Nozzles as the transfer standard. The system is design for air flows from 40 cc/min to over 20 LPM. The system calibrates secondary standards for air pollution work.

LabVIEWtm Data Acquisition

Over twenty five years of systems integration, and data acquisition work has given InFLOW, INC. significant experience in the selection and implementation of components and software. Sample projects have included; control systems, flow meter calibration systems, fan / HVAC controls testing, automated welding station, and ATE applications. LabVIEWtm sample projects have included automotive, NASA, and general industrial projects.


Consulting and Design Services Our rich experience base allows InFLOW, INC. a unique perspective covering metering, instrumentation, pump, compressor, and general industrial services. A sample of design assistance covered includes; unique OEM flow meter design, automated parts retrieval system, ATE software, pump / compressor monitoring system, flow meter performance evaluation, etc.


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